Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Workers' remittances in the EU27 Money sent by migrants to their country of origin fell by 7% in 2009 Total transfers at 30 bn euro

In the EU27, money sent by migrants to their country of origin, usually referred to as workers' remittances1, had registered a constant increase over recent years. This trend has been interrupted by the economic crisis. Total EU27 outflows amounted to 30.3 billion euro in 2009, compared with 32.6 bn in 2008 (-7%). These figures include both intra-EU27 and extra-EU27 flows. The decrease in workers' remittances in 2009 compared with 2008 was almost the same for extra-EU27 flows (-7%) and for intra-EU27 flows (-6%). The share of extra-EU27remittances in the total stood at 73% in 2009, the same level as in 2008.

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