Monday, 6 August 2007

Company accused of abducting Filipinos to build U.S. Embassy in Iraq

By Carlos H. Conde
International Herald Tribune
Published: August 3, 2007

MANILA: The Filipinos thought they were flying to Dubai. One of them told a fellow passenger how excited he was about his new job as a telephone repairman at a hotel in the emirate.

It was only after liftoff from Kuwait, when the captain made an announcement, that they learned their destination was, in fact, Baghdad.

“All you-know-what broke loose on that airplane. People started shouting,” said Rory Mayberry, an American passenger on the flight who had been hired to work in the Iraqi capital.

The Filipinos settled down only after a security guard from the company that had hired them waved a submachine gun, according to Mayberry. “They realized they had no other choice but to go to Baghdad,” he said. [Read more]

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