Monday, 13 August 2007

Microsoft’s ‘Tulay’ program links more OFWs to their families in RP

y EDISON D. ONGNow they can communicate!
One of the most dramatic real life story chronicled by proponents of the Microsoft Philippines’ Tulay program is that of a Filipina mother currently employed as a household help in Hong Kong and the deaf mute son whom she left behind in the Philippines.
As a consequence of their separation, their communication ceased. Obviously, the telephone and cellular phone technology has no place in their lives. Yes, there is SMS or texting that they can do. Or even write letters and postcards. Yet, they yearn to "speak."

The solution(s)?
Internet technology. Web camera technology. Broadband communications technology.

For a growing number of overseas Filipino workers like this mother, the personal computer is no longer a contraption. It is a communications equipment that serves as a bridge. [Read more]

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