Monday, 2 February 2009

El Salvador: Population movements and money remittances spur forest regrowth

SUBCHILD: There is a strong evidence that is a link between remittances and rural development. A new study reveals that a surprising unintended impact on forest regrowth inEl Salvador proves that remittances go beyond that just meeting basic needs of the families behind.

A study of forest cover in El Salvador in the September issue of BioScience presents novel findings on how economic globalization, land policy changes, and monies sent to family members by emigrants have transformed agriculture and stimulated forest regrowth. The study, by Susanna B. Hecht and Sassan S. Saatchi, employed socioeconomic data, land-use surveys, and satellite imagery to document substantial increases in the area of El Salvador covered by both light and heavy woodland since peace accords were signed in 1992. Read more

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