Saturday, 23 January 2010

FIJI: New source sought

Fiji is now looking at remittances from countries such as Abu Dhabi and Djibouti in the United Arab Emirates now traditional venues such as Australia and New Zealand are tightening their foreign employment policies after the global recession.

Economist Dr Mahendra Reddy said it was only common for people to be looking employment in countries that had not been affected by the global economic downturn.

"When it comes to remittance, Australia and New Zealand have been traditional grounds for Fiji and we have always looked close at home. But with money offered in these other countries the trend has shifted," he said.

The Fiji National University professor said people seeking employment in those countries had to make sure they got a proper deal. Agencies have confirmed that jobs for drivers, security personnel, engineers, nurses, teachers and other trades workers were in demand. Even former Meridian Services man, Timoci Lolohea has been recruiting people for the UAE. Read more

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