Thursday, 15 April 2010

Morrocans residing abroad: Waiting for Political Representation

The socio-economic impact of the Moroccans residing abroad (MRA) on the Moroccan society is evident everywhere in the country. By being the number one source of hard currency, the immense effect of the MRE remittances on the Moroccan economy is undisputed.
However, MRA’s support of their immediate and extended families is by far the biggest achievements of the Moroccan Diaspora. Since the beginning of the Moroccan immigration to Europe in the sixties, the main reason behind the migration of young Moroccans was to help their relatives survive and thrive. Fifty years later with more than 4 millions Moroccans living in every corner of the world, the phenomenon of the immigrations is more at the core of the Moroccan society than ever.
Little and large, the sums of Dollars, Euros or Rials being sent by  MRA to their loved ones have a huge impact on the survival of millions of families in Morocco. Furthermore, the money  sent by Moroccans overseas have led to the start of thousands of small businesses, consequently creating hundreds of thousands of jobs for lower and middle class Morocco.
Many Moroccan families survive solely on the remittances received from their loved one residing “outside”, creating a social safety net outside the formal economy. Similarly, the jobs created through MRA’s remittances are helping reduce the unemployment rate, albeit modestly. In short, the MRAs are helping to strength the economy and to stabilize the socio-political impact of the economic stagnation on the poor and unemployed in Morocco.
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