Monday, 19 April 2010

PHILIPPINES: How do OFW families spend remittance money?

MANILA, Philippines—A study recently released by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) provides an informative and substantially probing picture of how families of overseas Filipino workers spend their remittance money.

The study, entitled "Remittances and Household Behavior in the Philippines," was conducted and written by Filipino Alvin Ang, Indian Shikha Jha, and Indonesian Guntur Sugiyarto based on their analysis of data from the 2000, 2003, and 2006 Family Income and Expenditures Survey (FIES) reports of the National Statistics Office (NSO).

The authors noted that some 18.05 percent of all Filipino households received cash from abroad in the year 2000, and this rose to 20.72 percent in 2003 and then to 23.3 percent in 2006. Read more

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