Friday, 6 July 2007

Can migrant remittances help rebuild conflict-affected states?

An important component of peace-building is maintenance of livelihoods during conflict and to ensure sustainable post-conflict recovery. The role of private individual support to war-torn communities is little researched and poorly understood by those who plan peace-building programmes and post-conflict assistance strategies.
A paper produced by the Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University in the US and International Peace Academy focuses on what is known about how migrant diasporas and their networks bring remittance funds, communications technologies and other forms of support to individuals, families and communities in politically and economically troubled environments. The study aims to explore the fields from which useful knowledge can be found. These include migrant remittance patterns, diaspora communities and their global links, peace building and post-conflict recovery, and studies of migrant support for conflict. [Read more]

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