Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Pakistan : Highest ever workers’ remittance received last fiscal!

Pakistan received the highest ever amount of over $5.493 billion as workers’ remittances during the last fiscal year. Never before in the history of Pakistan, the country received more than $4.6 billion as workers’ remittances.In the recently concluded fiscal year 2006-07, Pakistan received an amount of $5,493.65 million as against $4,600.12 million in the preceding fiscal year 2005-06, showing an increase of US$893.53 million or 19.42 percent.The amount of $5,493.65 million includes $2.68 million received through encashment and profit earned on Foreign Exchange Bearer Certificates (FEBCs) and Foreign Currency Bearer Certificates (FCBCs).

During last month (June 2007), Pakistani workers remitted an amount of $505.55 million, up $41.68 million or 9% when compared with an amount of $463.87 million sent home in June 2006. [Read more]

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