Saturday, 21 July 2007

Poland: RIA expands its network in Poland by signing up with Bank Pocztowy

RIA's network significantly expanda in Poland by adding Bank Pocztowy's 8,000 payout locations

RIA Envia (RIA), the third-largest global money transfer company and a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide today announced that RIA has expanded its payout network in Poland by signing a correspondent agent agreement with Bank Pocztowy (Post Bank).

The agreement expands RIA's payout network significantly in Poland with the addition of Post Bank's nearly 8,000 payout locations. Bank Pocztowy, the fast-developing bank in Poland, will soon offer consumers the option to receive RIA money transfers from any of its nearly 8,000 payout locations across the country.

These locations are a combination of bank branches and post offices. The expansion of RIA's network will enable more beneficiaries to conveniently access a fast and reliable money transfer service in Poland. Furthermore, the agreement with Bank Pocztowy (BP)enables RIA customers to send money transfers directly to any bank account or beneficiaries can opt for cash pick-up at any of BP payout locations. BP will begin distributing money transfers for RIA by August of 2007. [Read more]

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