Sunday, 5 September 2010

BANGLADESH: Saviour, not slave

en Anderson of BBC has made a short documentary entitled "The Slaves of Dubai," visualising the heart-rending plight of South Asian workers who arrived in Dubai in the hope of alleviating their abject poverty, but ended up becoming virtually bonded labour.

These modern slaves include a large number of our migrant workers, who are working there as construction labour in inhuman conditions. Anderson tried to interview one such migrant worker from Bangladesh who, being unable to express the level and depth of his woes in words, only broke down in tears during the interview.

The Daily Star report carried on August 30 said at least 44 Bangladeshi workers have been languishing in the United Arab Emirates for the last five months after they sued their employers for not paying wages for nearly one year. The workers, living in two camps in Sharjah, can neither find new jobs nor have money to return home.
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