Thursday, 23 September 2010

ROMANIA: Conservatives oppose 1 pct tax to be levied on Romanians abroad remittances

Conservatives are opposed to Democrat Liberal Party (PDL, at rule) deputy William Branza to levy a 1 percent tax on the remittances made by Romanians abroad, announced on Monday, in a press conference, Maria Grapini, Vice-president of the Conservative Party (PC, in opposition).

“We cannot agree with such a law representing in fact double taxation and it is not the sole example of Romanians being taxed several times. (…) We are opposed to it, we are going to organize public debates, we will attempt to discuss the matter with our allies in the Parliament, with the opposition parties – the National Liberal Party and the Social Democrat Party – so that this legislative initiative is not adopted”, said Grapini on Monday. Read more

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