Saturday, 3 January 2009

EC-UN Knowledge Fair

The awaited EC-UN Knowledge Fair was finally organised. Over 250 people from around the world gathered in Brussels 1-4 December 2008 for a three-day ‘Knowledge Fair’ to share experiences about how they are making migration work for development. The event was hosted by the European Commission and the United Nations as part of a new initiative to connect diaspora groups with NGOs in their country of origin to work together for the development of their countries.

The organisers also launched the new Call for Proposals which invites small actors engaged in migration and development to submit project proposal.

During the fair, 40 organisations from all over the world were invited to showcase their projects. The initiatives were clustered into 4 main thematic areas: Migrant Remittances, Migrant Communities, Migrant Capacities, and Migrant Rights. Several networks that I know were selected to this prestigious events. They are: INAFI Bangladesh, Sankofa Foundation Ghana/Netherlands, Filipino Women's Council Philippines/Italy, AfroEuro Ghana/Netherlands, Damayan Philippines/Netherlands, Atikha Philippines, BASUG Bangladesh/Netherlands, Hirda Somalia/Netherlands, Center for Migrant Advocacy Philippines, and Federacion de Clubes Zacatecanos Mexico/USA.

Two migrant organisations based in the Netherlands namely Sankofa (Ghana) and Damayan (Philippines) were voted as the "best knowledge shares".

You can view the final programme here

You can view more pictures during the Fair here

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