Sunday, 11 January 2009

BANGLADESH: Remittances keep growing

Maintain the trend at any cost

The just-concluded calendar year, despite the ongoing global financial meltdown, has yielded an upbeat note on remittances from Bangladeshi wage earners abroad. These have posted $8.22billion topping $6.55billion the year before and are headed to cross the $10billion mark by the end of the current financial year. This is a big bounty compared with $2billion in 2000. The graphic rise in the export of manpower is illustrated by the statistics that whereas 3.81lakh workers had gone out of the country in 2006, the present figure is close to nine lakh.

This is an altogether impressive achievement when viewed in the context of various adversities faced by our workers abroad in the shape of breach of job contracts, deceitful conduct of employment agencies and other extreme circumstances like deportation or layoffs. Even on their return home at the airport or elsewhere, they are not treated with courtesy commensurate with their contributions to the economy. Read more

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