Thursday, 1 January 2009



As the year ends, Diaspora Journey blog would like to thank those whose have visited and viewed articles posted in the blog. What started to be a personal and modest posting of articles related to migration and development, the blog has served a good number of readers. It is our decision not to comment on the articles and just leave the readers to draw their own analysis and conclusions.

In 2008, the blog has been visited 8,734 times and viewed 15,778 times. Probably not much in comparison with the other blogs but for us serving this number of readers without advertising is is truly amazing.

The global financial crisis poses some economic uncertainties to migrants, refugees, and other people on the move so with the families they left behind. Reduction of remittances being the lifeline of millions of people in many remittance receiving countries will have significant impact on development.

In 2009, we will try our best to keep you updated with the trends related to migration and development, remittances in particular. We will also keep you informed regularly about the various initiatives of diasporas and other organisations all over the world in maximizing the benefits of migration to the development of their countries of origin. We will also give more attention on various research being done on this topic. In the coming year, we will post many of these articles, powerpoint presentations, and related events.

Your comments and contributions are highly appreciated.

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