Thursday, 3 September 2009

EVENT: African Diaspora and Remittances: A Pool for Financing Investments in Africa

heme: "African Diaspora and Remittances: A Pool for Financing Investments in Africa."
You are currently logged on to the AREC-2009 Website ( It gives you access to ongoing information and features on the first African Remittance Conference, AREC, due to hold in Yaoundé – Cameroon from November 23- 25, 2009.

AREC 2009 is a market place for ideas to propel Africa’s development through increased remittances. Though a new phenomenon, development aid and foreign direct investment put together are now inferior to remittances received by some developing countries. Yet Africa is still to fully embrace this trend. Over $250 billion worth of remittances came into developing countries in 2006 according to the World Bank. AREC 2009 will sound a wakeup call for Africa - the poorest continent on the globe - to reap from this new form of wealth.

Africa’s development landscape has changed – for the better - and it is our hope to promote this positive record of economic growth. Further information on this conference will be available on this website which is however still under construction. If you have any problems with registration process or our account login, please contact us. Read more

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