Saturday, 12 September 2009

EVENT, Oslo (Norway): Seminar Thinking out of the box - how can migration and development lead to new ways for collaboration?

The Norwegian Development Network is organizing a seminar titled “Thinking out of the box - how can migration and development lead to new ways for collaboration?” on September 16 in Oslo, Norway. The aim of this seminar is to present different models for working with migration and development. The organizer also hopes that the seminar will stimulate and give ideas to more cooperation between Norwegian civil society organizations and diaspora groups. For details of the seminar:

The Norwegian Development Network (NDN) is a resource and competence network for its members and other actors in the field of development working to:

1) Focus on the values that provide guidance for development co-operation

2) Increase the professional knowledge on development work among its members and other development actors

3) Increase the quality of development co-operation

4) Facilitate exchange of experiences among its members, both generally and on specific topics

The NDN has 66 members as of August 2008. These comprise the majority of Norwegian Civil Society Organisations (CSO) - including umbrella organisations - who are involved in development co-operation with the Global South.

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