Wednesday, 9 September 2009

PHILIPPINES: Metrobank, Luup partner for mobile remittances service in the Philippines

Philippines-based financial services provider Metrobank has signed a contract with mobile payment services provider Luup, owned by Norwegian m-payments services provider Contopronto to launch a mobile money transfer service, reports.

Aimed at overseas workers who want to send money to their families, the service enables the Luup banks' customers to initiate transactions via Metrobank's network of over 500 branches and over 1,100 ATMS across the country.

Metrobank provides a suite of banking services to large local and multinational corporations, middle market and retail segments. Luup has recently entered an agreement with MoneyGram International to develop a mobile money transfer service by making use of the latter's global agent network and Luup's mobile payment services.

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