Thursday, 3 September 2009

EVENT: Money Transfers Singapore Conference

Money Transfers Singapore Conference


IAMTN will be hosting the inaugural Money Transfers Singapore conference on 28th September 2009 at The Grand Hyatt. The one-day conference will be the first ever IAMTN conference held on remittances in Singapore. Delegates from money transfer companies, banks and regulators throughout Asia Pacific will take part in a one day programme that will address the key issues in the remittance world in the largest receive region in the world. These include the impact of the global financial crisis on remittances globally and within the region, new technological opportunities, the regulatory environment and will focus on both strategic and operational imperatives. Not only will MTS provide a real opportunity to listen to acknowledged experts in the area of money transfer but it will also allow plenty of time for networking, initiating partnerships and showcasing products.

True to IAMTN traditions this conference will concentrate on practical solutions to challenges delivered by real experts who have first hand knowledge of working in the industry and working with regulators and the public sector to create an environment that delivers real products and real value to consumers. This will be an action oriented conference for people who want to ‘do’ not those who just want talk.

Delegates will be drawn from Singapore, Asia Pacific and other regions. This is a must attend event for anyone with an interest in doing business in the region or understanding just how important remittances are to Asia.

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